A Product Development Company with some awesome App Developers and Designers in the world together under one roof.

We are a product development company. We specialize in bridging the gaps between ideas and successful products with incredible design and cutting-edge technology. Created by a bunch of product developers, Sodio has a pool of talented developers working with creative designers who carve out blockbuster products from ideas and requirements. The design-led and excellence-centric approach followed by our team helps entrepreneurs to achieve product-market fit. Each step of the product development in our products is done the best possible way in order to make startups and enterprises achieve end results.

Naveen Saraswat


Anupam Shah


Tanmoy Khanra

Tech Lead

Rahul Satyakam


Josh Casey

Blockchain Advisor

Kent Masang

VP - International Sales

Vivek Chanda

Digital Marketing Head

Fabi Farias

Vice President - Brazil Sales

Fernando Doria

Vice President - Brazil Sales

Dipuna Guin

Android Lead

Sravani Tirumalaraju

iOS Lead

Rajesh TS

Backend Lead

Anup Nair

Front End Lead

Abhishek Kumar

Digital Marketing

gautam doddamani

iOS and Blockchain

Swarnab Roy

Solidity and DevOps

We are a top notch product development company, best known for our works in blockchain development and mobile app development. Our Mission is to play the all-important role of CTO’s and product managers in startups while filling the technology gaps in the enterprises by being the technical consultants. Our business strategy involves finding sweet-spot at a current market, involving discovery of currently un full-filled app-possibilities and creating cutting-edge apps to fill the customer requirements. The developers and designers along with the product managers in our team are always looking to improve our capabilities in even the most nascent of technologies. Focus on Innovation-Quotient and customer-centricity is something that each and every member of our team believes in, and STRIVE to reflect this in every step of any project, which is what makes your product THRIVE. We always stay abreast with the latest developments in terms of technology and design, making sure that we are always able to best serve our clients as per the latest market demands. However, our core values which leads to creation of great products are always reflected in our work processes.

Sodio was created with the basic idea of creating an organisation that brings Product Development to general People. While we have worked with big Enterprises and SME's. Our core focus emplies on First Time Entrepreneurs.

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