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Fitness App Development

The fitness and workout application market is rapidly growing. The apps are enjoying fame because their activity tracking capabilities are improving.  The smartphones are now motivating the people to lead a healthy and active life.

The growth in the fitness and workout app sector is 87% more than any other field. In 2017, 30% of people are using the applications to keep track of their performance in order to enjoy the healthy life. This year new technologies have been introduced in fitness app development to provide people with a better experience.

Compatibility and Integrity

It is essential for the fitness application to be compatible with as many wearable fitness devices as possible. It makes it easier to handle the data from different tracking devices. So the developers utilize several tools for the integration of the workout app development.


There are various sensors in the smartphone that transmit the data from the mobile to the application regarding the physical activity of the user. The smartphone applications have been stacked with the motion trackers like:

  • Compass
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer


The gyroscope will help in the determination of the orientation of the object. Cardinal direction is dedicated by the compass and accelerometer will measure the acceleration. The application can be used to track all types of activities like running, walking, swimming and cycling.

The GPS technology has been embedded in the workout applications. It allows the users to map their routes that will help to know their position and measure the performance. The barometric altimeter is a more reliable technology that is utilized in the fitness applications. It collects the data regarding the elevation and the atmospheric pressure when the user is on the stairs or elevated track.

The latest innovation introduced in the fitness application is the ECG sensors and the optical sensors that will monitor the heart rate during a workout. They will measure the pulse and heart rate so the user will know when to stop. Apart from that, some of the apps have been developed with the sensors that will measure the temperature and identify the level of stress on the body during physical activity


Fitness App

Key features

In order to gain traction, the fitness applications are using the behavioral changes techniques. So the key features included in the apps are:

  • Tracking activity
  • Goals and challenges
  • Social features
  • Videos with workout sessions
  • Workout Calendar
  • Personalised plans
  • Visualization of progress
  • Sync with fitness devices

Upgrades required

Despite the variety of data that can be collected and analyzed by the fitness application, there are many up gradations that can be improved. Motivation, the accuracy of data and security are some of the issues that the fitness app development has to resolve.

There are many opportunities for the application developers in the field of fitness app development because of the sudden rise in the HealthCare market.

Bottom line

We at SODIO Technologies have helped Fitness Tech Entrepreneurs with their product development by providing them end to end solution with their Tech platform.


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