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How to make an On Demand laundry App?


Laundry has always been a mundane chore, one that you find unpleasant and wish to avoid at the first available chance. Wouldn’t you rather someone or something else did it for you? Laundromats and public laundry machines have been helping people get done with the laundry but, the queue and the long hours spent in getting the laundry done can be painful.

If you opt for dry cleaners, chances of someone else doing the laundry are high but, you may need to wait for at least two days. Coming to the much cheaper option of getting it done at home means you have to go through the hassles of separating clothes, ensuring you have enough space to dry the clothes. If you hire a maid, you might need to instruct them on how to wash the clothes, help them operate the machines, and instruct them on the clothes that need to be separately washed.

Each of these options have their own hassles, making it a tough choice for the end user who needs to get their laundry done with convenience, easily and in time. It is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to tap into this business opportunity, and close the existing gaps to make things more convenient for the end consumer.

Why on demand laundry app?

The Uber model allowed you to book cabs while sitting at home, with your smartphone. You just needed to tap a few buttons, and the cab of your choice would arrive at your doorstep. By integrating the payment gateways, you could even pay for the cabs in a cashless manner, thus making it all the more convenient.
This model has been extended to the laundry business, where the consumer is evolving, and they need to consume goods in a convenient manner.

With a pick-up and drop services for laundry as well as same day laundry services, the on demand laundry app business is gaining demand. With just a few taps along the interface of the app, you are ready to get your laundry done. Customers can schedule the laundry pickup from their homes with 24 hour turnaround time. With low margins and rapid growth, you can easily make the business profitable.

The full-cycle of the on demand app

Before working on the on demand laundry app development, let us understand how this truly works. The customer can order the laundry service by entering a favourable time using the on demand app. In the app, there would be certain provision given to allot the time to pick-up and the type of service they are looking for. The dashboard for the laundry service will notify about the pickup time and place.

At the allotted time, the laundry service will pick up the clothes and deliver it to the actual laundry business. Special containers marked in different ways are used to contain the pickup. At the laundry centre, these clothes are washed, dried and ironed. The clothes are then packed neatly, and readied for the pickup. The same service will then pick it up from the laundry and deliver it to the customer. The whole service occurs on a single day.

Now that you know how an on demand laundry app works, let’s find out how to make an on demand laundry app.



How to develop the on demand laundry app?

When you set out to make an on demand laundry app, you need to make the app from three perspectives- the customer app, the delivery app and the laundry app. Along with this, you might need to make the admin app as well. The idea is to keep all these apps streamlined, in order to give out a good experience to the end customer.

In the customer app, following are the inclusions

Aggregation: Choose the service type, the clothes preferences, wash preferences etc.

Scheduler: This will help in scheduling the pick-up and drop-off of the clothes

Notification: Get notified when your clothes have reached the laundry or, when they are scheduled to be dropped off

Tracking: you can track your clothes and its status in real-time with the tracking meter in the app

Review: you can view the order history, give feedback on the service

• You can get information on the orders which includes preferred pick-up and drop times for the laundry

• You need to confirm the orders, once they have been placed by the customer using the app

• You can use the location feature of the app in order to build a convenient route map for your pickup

• Tracking needs to be set once the order is picked up, and you will need to use the admin panel to keep changing the status

The backend comprises of web services and MongoDB to fetch the database results.

The delivery app, which is the next step, is meant for the employees of the on demand laundry app service



The main app is the laundry app, which keeps a record of the order placed, and the history of the customer. Client data, order history, employee data, map & calendar views as well as dashboard view is available in the main laundry app.

The laundry apps are built for both iOS and Android platforms, with MongoDB as the database and web services for smooth app communication.
On demand laundry apps are definitely profitable business, and entrepreneurs need to cash in on the opportunities available in the marketplace.

Sodio Technologies offer mobile apps that cater to on demand solutions with our expertise. We have offer excellent solutions aligned to your business needs, in the past. Connect with us if you want your very own on demand laundry app solution.



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