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Mobile Apps that are Disrupting their Industries


Mobile apps are indispensable to the human race. Can you now imagine a world that existed before the arrival of mobile apps? It has indeed crept into your skin, and has become more of a habit. If you want to call a cab, you don’t opt for the conventional method of actually stopping a cab outside your place. You opt for Uber. This is just one example of how mobile apps have redefined the way certain industries work.

The idea was to make the life of the end user convenient and comfortable. Let’s have a quick look at how these apps managed to help users and transformed their respective industries




mobile apps that are disrupting their industries


Have you booked an Uber? Isn’t that the normal question to ask when you are going somewhere? Uber has become the pioneer of the on-demand cab aggregator economy. Since the first time it came into existence, the app has literally evolved solving all the major problems that exist in the cab industry.

Today, Uber is valued at $69 Bn, and has transformed how the drivers and the passengers interact. You have ride-sharing as well as individual cab facilities with this app which also lets you track your driver as the app uses GPS feature. Booking to riding to payment, everything occurs in real-time in the app. The conventional cab industry that was touched upon by many complexities has become a simplified solution with Uber.

Today, the company has numerous competitors, trying to ape the solution and provide a better experience to the passengers. It certainly has to be on top of the list of Mobile apps that are disrupting their industries.



mobile apps that are disrupting their industries

Byju’s has altered the conventional educational industry. The traditional classroom has been altered by this mobile app, which allows you to learn via recorded video lectures made by the best teachers across the world. The content is easy to comprehend and in line with the student’s needs.

The content has to be interesting for every subject so that the students learn it. The high retention and engagement metrics talk a lot about the way this app performs. Byju’s has definitely got the gaps in the education industry correctly, and have offered the best solution to be included in the list of Mobile apps that are disrupting their industries.



mobile apps that are disrupting their industries

The medical industry is definitely moving forward when it came to mobility solutions. A lot of organizations and hospitals within the healthcare industry have come out with a variety of solutions to help boost the healthcare industry.

But, the one major customer problem that remained to be solved was identifying the best doctors in the industry or, finding a doctor in the near vicinity. Practo happened to be the ideal solution for this. It has become the directory for the healthcare industries, and with the number of users adding up every second day, you can sense the popularity of this app.



mobile apps that are disrupting their industries

From physical to virtual money, the fintech industry has stepped forward in its attempts to make payments and handling finances easy for the end user. Paytm has made transactions easy and effortless.

Whether you want to recharge your mobile or pay your friend or a vendor, you can login to paytm and complete the transaction. This has truly redefined how payments work in the online world. Fintech has taken the virtual path by allowing banks to work with Paytm, and has made banking and payments easy.

The number of active users that Paytm has compared to its competitors in itself shows why we have included them in the list of Mobile apps that are disrupting their industries.



Amazon was the pioneer in the e-commerce segment, as it allowed easy and convenient shopping for the users. Today, Amazon holds various categories, subcategories, making shopping pleasant online.

Shopping usually meant stepping out of the home and walking through the malls but, Amazon literally transformed this concept with the online store. Whether you want to shop for a toy or a dress, Amazon has everything lined up for you. Payments are easy on Amazon, allowing you to choose from a wide range of options, including cash on delivery.

Having staged its online store in various cities and countries, Amazon has truly become the largest e-commerce store.



mobile apps that are disrupting their industries

What started out as a directory for places serving food, allows you to order online or make a call to the restaurant today.

Yes, we are talking about Zomato, an app that is used to check for best restaurants in your city, their menu or the charges of the food served in these places. Foodtech has come out in the open majorly because of this mobile app.

Along with Zomato, Swiggy has also redefined the foodtech industry with easy booking, home delivery of food, and actually making it real quick for you. You can even track your orders in real-time.

In fact, the best part of this app is that there is no minimum amount that you need to place to order on Swiggy. This is definitely a change for the foodtech industry.




mobile apps that are disrupting their industries

Entertainment has been quite a conventional industry for long. In fact, until the advent of websites and mobile apps, booking tickets online for travel or theater was an unknown concept. But Bookmyshow has ensured that bookings are easy and hassle free for you.

With the bookmyshow app you can easily book movie tickets, or tickets to an event. You can pick your show timings, seat and even the food combos for the movie before even reaching there. The app is integrated with different payment options, making payments easy and convenient for you.

The different industries have truly been redefined with the advent of mobile apps. Now, you can access learning, entertainment and even food related things online while on-the-go. Booking tickets, holding on reservations, getting a home-delivery or, even learning new things has become easy and convenient.

If you want your next big app to disrupt one of these industries or, you are planning to disrupt an entirely new industry with your app idea, connect with us at Sodio. We will offer the best app execution that will delight your end users, and improve your brand’s positioning.


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