Nestle – Club WS

The ClubWS program app is an attempt to simplify the way you track your targets, how much of it you have been able to achieve and what are the impending rewards you’ll receive for your achievements.

UI/UX Development
SODIO Technologies

ou can track all the details associated with your business goals, on the go. This app will also assist us in helping you meet your business targets with ease and increase your profitability. Its general use will be for Sales updates, target tracking for the supervisors, and management for the nestle promoters.

Through this app, you can see all the details associated with the ClubWS program including the Program Duration, Member enrolment criteria, Program Tiers, Types and description of targets, Participation Categories, Payout on achievements, Upgrade and downgrade criteria, incentive tables and also engage directly with your supplier.

Salient Features of the ClubWS Program:
The beneficiary will log in to avail the following:
Dealer (Wholesaler) Profile
 Targets and Balance to go
 News and Updates
 Contact Us and Feedback

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