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InnerFire iOS and Android App

Strengthen your body, sould and mind. With this Yoga app you can train and begin applying the Wim Hof Method (WHM) – Ignite your Innerfire.

Wim Hof ​​has already proved that he is with his techniques control of the autonomic nervous system and which is what he has showcased through this yoga app

They ​​have proved the control of the autonomic nervous system. The consequences can contribute to positive effects in workplace through this Yoga App

…Tech will transform from something we actively use to a more seamless integrated experience that is ‘on’ all the time

As entrepreneurs, we are busy and the brain is often about ideas. The best ideas do not come by finding it very hard to, they find your self in a moment of rest. We are faced with new choices that could affect our business in both positive and negative sense. If we are able to get our body and mind in balance making such choices will be a lot easier through this Yoga App

bring body and mind into balance (prevention – desk work-related physical complaints like RSI)

Spirituality will help you in keeping your focus enlightened and in one place

It also helps you in improving the blood circulation of your body for better health

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The WHM and Yoga App is primarily focused on better performance at work. The workplace is in particular the place where people are confronted with stress and / or increased risk for physical ailments. This applies to all professions, including for people who primarily perform office work. It is therefore not only on the employer, but also for the employee self-important that he stays fit and alert. Oddly enough, a recent survey that 80% of SME employers believe that this is the responsibility of the employee.

Stress in the workplace is quite normal for millions of working Dutch, one is bothered by the eight employees in the Netherlands. We share some alarming figures:

  • Nearly 1 million people annually run the risk of burn-out and other work-related mental illnesses.
  • 41% of employees indicated that stress is being taken for granted in the company where they work.
  • 32% of executives acknowledges the problem, according to new figures from the Ministry of Social Affairs.
  • 18% of working Netherlands thinks it is pointless to address stress, because the problems would not be taken seriously.
  • 24% do not dare to talk about work stress for fear a low rating.
  • 45% are worried that if stress in his or her supervisor is brought up, the image is recalled that the person can not handle his job
  • Nearly two-thirds of Dutch people have no energy to do things after work.
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