We are one of the top blockchain development companies in the two hemispheres. Our projects on blockchain have been applauded by industry experts around the world. Sodio has built enterprise grade, scalable and robust Blockchain-based products.

Centralized and Decentralized Exchange Development

With a diverse portfolio and indispensable experience in working with Crypto exchange, Sodio is perceived as the market leader when it comes to Cryptocurrency exchange development.

Smart Contracts Development

Our Smart Contract capabilities have been inspiring the industry for over a couple of years now. We understand how the quality of smart contracts govern the whole dApp itself.

Decentralized Application (dApps) Development

Our incredible Research and Development in the dApp space makes us a highly suitable product development partner for making any application in the Web3. Web 3.0 is here, are ya?

Enterprise Blockchain Development

Sodio believes that the mass adoption of blockchain based products will only be made possible when the people from different industries start exploring it. We help them do it.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Engineer your million-dollar ICO with Sodio. We bring an unique combination of experience and understanding of how dApps work, and other ICO related works. Contact us for ICO consulting.





Producing award-winning mobile apps starts with a great idea, but there’s more to it than that. Behind every great app is a great mobile strategy. It begins with planning. Let our mobile strategists help pave the way for your success.


We have capabilities to build e-commerce platforms which can drive sales growth.

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The team at Sodio experience with making creating more than 10 Fintech platforms.

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Everyone wants to learn online at their own convenience. We create the best ones.

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Real estate

It's about time that Real Estate gets a touch of application layer. We do it well.

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Food & Beverage

With rampant technology adoption in the food and beverage industry, we are at front.

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Contact us ASAP for building your next Healthcare platform. We are experienced.

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On Demand is one of our favourite niche. We have created blockbuster platforms.

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Social Network

Building a social network from scratch is no cakewalk. Our designers are what you need.

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Making an entertainment app is no cakewalk. We have design and tech stack for it.

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A News app needs to have a high degree of responsiveness and usability index.

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We think that a travel app should have great design and low power consuming.

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A Sportsperson would want to use apps that resonates with his own energy level.

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Creating apps that are used for transport purposes means great accuracy and design.

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Making a platform for classifieds means that the database management should be great.

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Tech platforms for Manufacturing is whole other ball game. We make these apps.

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From chipping away the back office works to giving the perfect POS solution. We do it all.

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We developed this complete Cryptocurrency exchange which has gained popularity in it's area of operation. It has a robust backend and great interface.


We are developing this latest digital money system backed by a fully-audited USD 250 Million industrial Crypto mining operation. Have a look at it here!

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  • Pattrick



    Worked on quite a few projects with the ream at SODIO and the experience was alwas very positive. The Developers are skilled and the project managers are very accommodative in dealing even with last minute change requests. There is passion in the company towards churning our great work.

  • David Bidler


    The Brave Program

    Sodio Technologists has been a powerful force in our company’s development. When we first envisioned scaling our local fitness business onto a technical platform we anticipated the challenges that would await us. As non-technical founders with a very limited budget the ability to successfully launch our app would be largely dependent on the quality, ingenuity and capability of our team. Sodio Technologies stood by our side through every step of the development process, guiding, advising, and helping us bring our ideas to life. When I look at the BRAVE Fitness app I am truly proud of what we created together. Sodio helped us get our MVP onto the market with style. Through this process they laid the groundwork for years of future development and collaboration as we grow BRAVE Fitness into a nationally recognized leader in fitness and personal development.

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