We are developing this latest digital money system backed by a fully-audited USD 250 Million industrial Crypto mining operation. Have a look at it here!



Savart engaged us to make the mobile apps for a “saving-and-investing” platform. we crafted a masterpiece with an incredible interface and great user-experience.

Brave App


We created the platform with incredible iconography and stupendous screens which resonates with message that Brave wants to spread - ”Courage is a skill”.


Crypto Exchange

We developed this complete Cryptocurrency exchange which has gained popularity in it's area of operation. It has a robust backend and great interface.

Eyal Zayed


Our product managers and team rendered this EdTech platform with the founders. The app turned out to be very user friendly and intuitive, with gorgeous graphics.

Cash Stash


Cash Stash is an fintech product, and has it's own set of complexities to be unravelled. The incredible product management by our team made it's launch flawless.

Cover'D App


The team at Cover’d want to make partying hassle free for their users. We developed this platform with the best of design thinking so that users can party hard.


Enterprise Mobility

We worked with Nestle to develop ClubWS to make the processes involving vendors streamlined and seamless with flawless sales updates and target trafficking.

Tata Tiscon

Enterprise Mobility

When Tata Tiscon wanted to revolutionise the home-building process for their customers, they contacted Sodio because of our proven track record in technology.

JSW Cement

Enterprise Mobility

The JSW cement company wanted an app which would allow dealers of company to register sales data for masons and contractors under the loyalty programme.

Oil India Limited

Enterprise Mobility

We developed an inventory management software which would be used for management planning, forecasting & decision making by the management team.


Photo Editor

Mojilatino is a personal photo editor and video editor for the users which has an added flair of personalised effect based on their behavior, demographics and personalities.


On Demand

The team at Livactiv wanted to create a social movement app which meant making the most beautiful UI/UX design while maintaining a great flow of data and emotions.

Eternal Message


The app is meant to be the “The key to Forever” for it's users. This calls for a totally customized design along with the touch of eternity which makes user feel it.



This is a tour booking app for the ISKCON mayapur. It is important for the app to make users feel safe and secure about their personal details and we made the perfect one.



One of it’s kind birding app especially crafted to make the activity of birding even more fun and free from redundant processes. Open this link to check it out here.