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Sodio Technologies is a Product Development company with a pool of experienced and inherently problem-solvers as developers, designers and product managers.

Mobile App Development

We understand the intricacies involved in building a blockbuster mobile app. From crafting the perfect UI design and making sure the UX is on-point, to the inexplicably incredible development phase using the best technical stack. We make sure all the boxes are checked.

Blockchain Development

As a product development company known for staying abreast with the latest advancements in technology, Blockchain Development lies at the core of our focus. Our years of research and myriad of projects in the recent years on blockchain has made us capable of creating robust, ready-for-adoption and business-friendly dApps, Enterprise Blockchain platforms.

Web Development

With over a decade of experience under our belt and having pulled out exceptional websites and web applications, our works have the potential of getting you the "winner" website precisely tailored for making you a "winner". In the whole process of web development, best of the industry professionals at Sodio strive to see your platforms thrive.

UI/UX Designing

Never a product has ever succeeded without the much needed exquisite experience and incredible interface that every end-user wants to use. The thought-through Mockups and WireFrames by our designers ultimately yields a fusion of form and function making your app come to life.


IoT is another nascent technology hard to find companies capable of development in. Sodio has a pool of IoT professionals dedicated solely to the field with an experience of crafting cutting-edge IoT platforms. From conceptualization of your product to breathing life into it during our design, development and polishing stages, no stone is left unturned to deliever the best of products for your end users.

It's true that the conception of Idea is indeed the first step towards creating blockbuster mobile apps. However, there's more to it than it seems to be. The idea is that stone upon which the church of your product is built. Let our mobile strategists take care of its architecture and all that comes with it.

Idea Protection
Protecting your brainchild must be a top concern for you. Our engagement starts so as to ensure idea protection.



Concept Discussion
This is followed by a comprehensive discussion about your concept and goals about your project and platform.

Project Consultation
The nitty gritty regarding every aspect of your project is discussed in this step. From development plans to mockups.



Development Plan
Development Plan for project is then devised based on the inputs taken from Designers and experienced developers.

The Design Stage is all about making the app react perfectly on the cue along with the perfectly natural feeling for users.



Our developers are one of the best in the industry with a proven cross-industry acumen which makes us the right partner.


Quality Assurance
Our Quality Assurance process includes rigorous and testing which allows us to leave no stone unturned about quality.



Sodio uses wide array of Analytical Tools which helps to bring unique insights and inputs into how product can do better.

Once the platform is perfectly live, there are instances where you'll need our team to help with issues. We're always there.


Our developers are specialized by industries, including Mobile Development, Gaming, Retail, E-Commerce, Payments, Healthcare, Travel, & others. Our services are designed to provide you with the best in technology and industry expertise, for a fully customized development experience. We have expertise in Java, Android Studio, SDK / NDK, APIs, Google Mobile Services (GMS), & more.
Our mobile app developers are the USP and what separates us from the rest. With hands-on experience and expertise with the perfect dash of creativity, we are capable of creating dynamic viewing experience for smooth navigation and easy reading. With advanced tools and technology, our credibility lies in delivering top-notch mobile app solutions. We ensure high quality and optimized mobile applications suiting your objectives that will work across a wide range of devices.

Our mobile app developers are the USP and what separates us from the rest. With hands-on experience and expertise with the perfect dash of creativity, we are capable of creating dynamic viewing experience for smooth navigation and easy reading. With advanced tools and technology, our credibility lies in delivering top-notch mobile app solutions. We ensure high quality and optimized mobile applications suiting your objectives that will work across a wide range of devices.

…Mobile is the enabling centerpiece of digital convergence. Mobile is the glue for all other digital industries to use when approaching convergence, but mobile is also the digital gateway for the real world to join in this global metamorphosis of human behavior.

Whether you are making a game or a business app, choosing the right platform and technology is integral to the success of your mobile app. Do you want to have the application for iPhone or Android? Or Both? One first, and then the other? Do you have any plan to add additional functionality to your application in the future? It is best to have all the factors into consideration before going into development. SODIO’s team of experts will help you in formulating the structure and the strategy for continued success of your application in the marketplace. Also, Figuring out how to generate revenue from your app will be tricky. Is it going to be free? Will there be ads? Will there be in-app purchases? Have you considered the freemium model? And what’s more, what has worked for others may not work for you– or there may be a better monetization strategy for you. With these sort of critical decisions, it’s best to consult with an expert. SODIO’s mobile strategy team has the expertise you need to determine the best monetization strategy for your mobile app.

The Technical partner you need to solve all your Technological problems!

Producing award-winning mobile apps starts with a great idea, but there’s more to it than that. Behind every great app is a great mobile strategy. It begins with planning. Let our mobile strategists help pave the way for your success.


We have capabilities to build e-commerce platforms which can drive sales growth.


The team at Sodio experience with making creating more than 10 Fintech platforms.


Everyone wants to learn online at their own convenience. We create the best ones.

Real estate

It's about time that Real Estate gets a touch of application layer. We do it well.

Food & Beverage

With rampant technology adoption in the food and beverage industry, we are at front.


Contact us ASAP for building your next Healthcare platform. We are experienced.


On Demand is one of our favourite niche. We have created blockbuster platforms.

Social Network

Building a social network from scratch is no cakewalk. Our designers are what you need.


Making an entertainment app is no cakewalk. We have design and tech stack for it.


A News app needs to have a high degree of responsiveness and usability index.


We think that a travel app should have great design and low power consuming.


A Sportsperson would want to use apps that resonates with his own energy level.


Creating apps that are used for transport purposes means great accuracy and design.


Making a platform for classifieds means that the database management should be great.


Tech platforms for Manufacturing is whole other ball game. We make these apps.


From chipping away the back office works to giving the perfect POS solution. We do it all.

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  • Patrick Meeker



    Worked on quite a few projects with the team at SODIO and the experience was alwas very positive. The Developers are skilled and the project managers are very accommodative in dealing even with last minute change requests. There is passion in the company towards churning our great work.

  • David Bidler


    The Brave Program

    Sodio Technologists has been a powerful force in our company’s development. When we first envisioned scaling our local fitness business onto a technical platform we anticipated the challenges that would await us. As non-technical founders with a very limited budget the ability to successfully launch our app would be largely dependent on the quality, ingenuity and capability of our team. Sodio Technologies stood by our side through every step of the development process, guiding, advising, and helping us bring our ideas to life. When I look at the BRAVE Fitness app I am truly proud of what we created together. Sodio helped us get our MVP onto the market with style. Through this process they laid the groundwork for years of future development and collaboration as we grow BRAVE Fitness into a nationally recognized leader in fitness and personal development.

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